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UK, Cyprus4.75/5$500Visit websiteWebsite
UK, Cyprus, South Africa, UAE4.7/5$1Read the review
UK, Cyprus, Australia, Singapore4.6/5€100Read the review
Cyprus, Germany, Vanuatu4.5/5$500Read the review
Cyprus4/5$50Read the review
Bulgaria3.7/5$1Read the review

Skrill’s ambiguity is a sign of how prosperous and utilized this payment system is. The main advantages to this e-wallet is that it provided fast and secure payment transaction.

Skrill started offering electronic payments all the way back in 2001, and slowly but surely grew into the powerhouse we know and use today. Along the way, Skrill got licensed from the FCA and is registered as a Money Service Business, which is always a sign of a guaranteed user’s assurance and immunity to any form of digital harm. However, in 2015 Skrill Limited was acquired by the parent company Optimal Payments of none other than Skrill’s former rival Neteller.

Skrill allows users to deposit and withdrawal without the need to provide too much personal data. What’s more is that the e-payment provider spans its services across 200+ countries in 40 different currencies. Needless to say, there has to be some sort of fee/commission structure to Skrill going.

For uploading funds, Skrill charges 1% out of each sum. As for withdrawing money, the company charges 7.5% of the sum for Visa withdrawals, €5.5 for Wire Transfers, and €4.76 per every Swift transaction.
Skrill charges 1.45% of the sum for sending money, while any money received by means of Skrill is free of charge.
For transactions that require the conversion of currencies, Skrill will add a commission of 3.99%.
There is also a dormant fee. If a user stays inactive for more than 12 months, a service fee of €5 will be applied each month to the account.

It’s also important to note that Skrill does not offer its services to one major financial market: Japan. Furthermore, the e-wallet has restricted its services to citizens from certain African, Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Caribbean nations.