More Than a Third of US Millennials Hold Crypto

More Than a Third of US Millennials Hold Crypto


Business research platform Alto released results from a massive US-based survey in which it asked millennials of their investment habits. 39% of all the surveyed claim they hold crypto in one form or another. The report also disclosed that young audiences are taping into alternative investment opportunities and assets.

Alto reported that a big majority of millennials are currently owning crypto or are considering doing so in some point of their lives. The approximate 40 percent of crypto owners (millennials) is, according to the report, as much as those that own stocks.  Furthermore, Alto suggests that those that already own crypto will include some of it in their retirement funds.

In 2021 cryptocurrency users on a global scale have increased by a whooping 178%, and is currently standing at around 300 million and counting. Both retail and institutional crypto practices have exploded, and in spite that the adoption rates have slowed down in the past few months, crypto investments are still on the rise, especially with young investors.

Currently cryptocurrencies is considered the most popular alternative investment option. The crypto market boomed at $3 trillion in November 2021, which was its peak, and since then has been steadily fluctuating, with some unexpected spikes or declines. Furthermore, crypto adoption has increased despite recent crises in prices.

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