LionSlots Casino Review: 5 things to know before depositing

LionSlots Casino Review: 5 things to know before depositing


LionSlots Casino is quite underwhelming as a casino as there isn't a lot of choice here for users. What remains is a limited casino that does not do much to impress. Read the review to find out all about this one.


BonusMin depositMax bonusWagering requirementsCash out limit
Welcome BonusUnspecified$9000 + 1000 spinsUnspecifiedUnspecified
Welcome BonusUnspecified300% up to $1000 + 300 spinsUnspecified-
Crypto Welcome BonusUnspecified500%35x-
Table BonusUnspecified60% up to $3545x-
Free Spins BonusUnspecified150 spins40x-

These are the bonuses as seen on the site. We are not sure which ones are active and which ones are not. Moreover, we can't say if the two welcome packages are connected or not. Not to mention that there are not a lot of bonus details to speak of, leaving most bouses without any conditions. This results in a big mess with bonuses half completed.

Welcome Bonus of $9000 Plus 100 Free Spins: This is the first major bonus and the first point we would like to make in connection to what we revealed above; there is no info on this bonus. So we have no info on the actual wagering requirements, or the minimum deposit, among other things. So, we ask you whether this bonus is worth it.

Welcome Bonus of 300% up to $1000 Plus 300 Free Spins: The only piece of information we have here is that the free spins are applied on Bonus Wheel Jungle. There is no further info on this bonus. The wagering and min deposit are not disclosed.

Crypto Welcome Bonus of 500%: At least here we have a 35x wagering requirement. The maximum bet with the bonus is $10, while the max cash-out is explicitly said to be unlimited. That is all we have on this bonus.

Table Bonus of 60% up to $35: Again the maximum profit here is not capped at any sum, meaning the user can profit as much as it can. The wagering requirement is 45x the bonus plus deposit, while the max bet is $10.

Free Spins Bonus: Get 150 free spins in total, where the 40x wagering requirement is applied in the free spins profit. The maximum cashout is $2500, and that is all the info we have for this bonus.

Tournaments: The casino claims to offer tournaments, and it seems to have two active at the time of writing this review. However, the user has to think before going into this scheme considering that we did not find any bonus T/C. So, the user might not be aware what he is getting himself into.

VIP: The loyalty program seems to be called the Black Room, exclusively for Gold and Black Tier Members. There is no real info here as well. All we know is that the users get exclusive VIP bonuses, specialty offers, loyalty points prizes, big cashback deals, and more. As for the way to activate, or the comp points structure has not been revealed.

There are no further bonus terms and conditions. It is all quite the mystery, leaving us to sway away from these bonuses. The biggest miss is the minimum deposit of which we have no details, and this may lead many users to give up on LionSlots Casino before they even register.


There are three major issues that we encountered in regards to the legal details that we found out about, all three rendering the casino untrustworthy.

First of all, there is no presence of a license Usually, legitimate casinos have a regulatory seal on the footer; it's a wide spread practice that has become an unofficial requirements for ant licensed online gambling platform. Seeing that LionSlots Casino does not have one, we have to consider the likely possibility that LionSlots Casino is unregulated. Otherwise, there would be a seal of approval right there on the footer.

The other issue is the inaccessible legal documents, which at least for us were out of reach. There is no way to verify whether the firm is regulated, nor to see what, if any, is the name of the parent firm. So, this adds to the mystery as to the origin and story of LionSlots Casino. Moreover, without legal documents the client has no access to the important details concerning prohibited jurisdictions, payment details, and the like, leaving the user in the blank up to his own wits. This should not be the case at all!

The last one out of the three has to do with the Independent Player Disputes & Mediation Service link we found in the footer. At first we thought that this would be a sign that LionSlots Casino is at least approved by some outside entity, but also we were again mislead. The link turned out to be a link to the website of the aforementioned website, and not a source for a certificate held by LionSlots Casino. Again, without proper evidence how can we be sure that the casino is approved by this third part authority?

Then let us not forget that there are certain elements and sides to the casino that rely a bit to extensively on cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. There is an inherent risk with crypto transactions as these assets are by default volatile and uncertain. So this might also add to the risk factor.

So, at this time there is no real reason to get into LionSlots Casino. This casino lacks a license, lies about it being certified, and completely disregards the risk factor associated with crypto assets. It would be too daring to call this a scam, since rarely a casino is, but the risks here are much greater than anything to be gained.

Languages: English

Restricted countries: United Kingdom, United States


Currencies: Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Bitcoin (BTC)

Deposit methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Credit/Debit CardUnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified
Withdrawal methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Credit/Debit CardUnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified

There isn't a ton of information here for users in terms of the payment details. The casino does not disclose any details, and thus again excludes users, as it prohibits access to crucial details, again derailing completely. There are no minimum and maximum deposits and withdrawal amounts, and no fees. What remains is to speculate, but in this indusrty it's not a good idea to base legal grounds on pure outsider claims.

There are the aforementioned payment methods revealed; but unfortunately it's not enough in terms of variety. This limits the users to a few major payment methods that don't do much to attract clients.

There are no mention of fees at all, which in the case of LionSlots Casino does not seem to be a sign that it does not include commissions. In fact, we think there might be some hidden deposit or withdrawal charges, at the very least payment system fees, or crypto-related commissions that usually apply. So, be aware that there are always some sort of fees with deposits and withdrawals.

The lack of legal documents also does not help us here at all. The inaccessible legal documents make the whole endeavor futile, and exposes the client to risks that can easily be avoided.


LionSlots Casino presents a decent variety of video clot game, but it is expected form any casino to offer these. These are the basic requirements of any casino. The likes of the following have been included at this casino: Tarot Destiny, Goblins Gluttony, Giant Fortunes, Cash Bandits 3, Bubble Bubble 3, and more. There is enough variety to keep clients entertained, and the variety is here, although we would have liked more out of the casino for sure.

The other collection  worthy of some attention are the table games. There are Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette, among other titles, and their variations. These are, mind you, not live games but are played not with the computer. So it may not be the best version for clients looking for live games.

We say this because there are no live games at all here, and that is an issue with the casino. This is one of the main version of games that many users look for, so by not including any live games LionSlots Casino altogether excludes a huge portion of online gambles, and this backfires.

We cannot speak of a no betting platform at all since this is a major additions that only the best casinos offer. We don't think that LionSlots Casino has the ability to support such a tool. We hope it gets its business in order, because a sportsbook is a winning addition every time.

The highlight here is the collection of video slot games, but these are the basic standard requirement set. So, in turn the casino does not offer that much variety, by what we mean that there really isn't a lot to retain users here. There are better and bigger casinos out there when games are taken into account; so what it left for LionSlots Casino to offer to clients?

Game providers: Betsoft, Real Time Gaming, Dragon Gaming, Nucleus, Qora Games, Felix Gaming


At the current state that LionSlots Casino is in, we cannot really recommend it. The negatives far out number the positives, and what users will be left is a risky platform. There are better ones out there for certain. We hope the casino gets its things in order because it has gotten this farl why not try to reach a little further and make itself great.

Lion Slots Casino Pros and Cons

Nothing GoodNo License in View
Lack Live Games
Vague Payment Info

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