MoneyGram brokers: Top forex brokers accepting MoneyGram deposits

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MoneyGram allows users to send money to other recipients in a fast and secure manner. The main advantage of this is that money can be collected in cash form one of the many MoneyGram offices around the world, in a matter of just a couple of minutes.

This speed and efficiency is also applied to when you are using the online transfer services of MoneyGram; users can transfer funds to banks and mobile accounts. Clients can send up to 6000 transfers per month. With all said, it is no wonder that MoneyGram is the second largest money transfer service in the world. Just consider the fact that it operas in 200 countries, has currently more than 347 000 individual physical offices, and more than 14 000 companies world wide offer it as one of their major alternative payment methods.

The fees at MoneyGram largely depend on the location you are sending and receiving from. Note that bank payments have lower fees, while credit/debit card transactions charges are slightly higher.

For example, in the United States if a transfer is between $50 and $900, MoneyGram charges $11 via Bank and $49.99 if doing so by means of Credit/Debit card. In much of the same way, if one were to transfer $500 from the US to Mexico using a card, he/she will be charged with $9.99, while if the money were to be sent to Ireland that fee would become $31. So it’s not a bad idea to double check on the transfer fees.