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The FCA is arguably the most renowned of all European financial regulators, consequently making it notorious in the global scale. The financial watchdog oversees some of the top forex and CFDs brokers like IG and GAIN Capital UK. If readers are aware by just how huge these two brokers are, then one can figure out just how important a role the FCA plays.

Before the FCA became the respected agency it is today, it was a part of the previous financial overseer dubbed FSA, or the Financial Services Authority. In 2013 the FSA split, and the aftermath of this was the FCA, without which the market would undoubtedly be very different from what it is today.

The FCA has established a name for itself by severely following a set of guidelines. These guidelines transcend into a number of responsibilities that are direly pursued: the UK regulator insists on the fair treatment of customers by demanding periodical reports from all brokers under its rule; promotes a fair but competitive financial markets industry; it aims to protect the UK financial system and maintain its integrity. What’s more is that the institute has the power to enforce the law, and if necessary introduce new clauses into it’s governing official documents, meaning that the FCA is fully adaptable to whatever comes next in the world of finances.

As for the brokers concerned, once they receive an FCA license it is as though they been approved by the Queen herself; that’s how cherished a license from them is. It follows then, that the process of acquiring an authorization is meticulous and rigorous. First and foremost, wanna be brokers must hold net tangible assets amounting to €730 000, and must offer segregated bank accounts to its clients. Brokers must also offer a negative balance protection to its clientele, and a whole array of other requirements.

It’s very crucial to be aware that all FCA regulated brokers are all a part of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), which will reimburse users of up to £85 000 should the broker at hand is unable to pay back the client due to insolvency or bankruptcy.

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