RRR Casino Review: 5 things to know before depositing

RRR Casino Review: 5 things to know before depositing


RRR is a pretty bad casino all things considered. Even though the gambling house has launched quite recently, we strongly recommend staying away from it. There are just too many things it does wrong! From the lack of any mention of a license to the vague Terms and Conditions which fail to outline anything more specific about its services, this casino is actually a pretty uncompelling place to bet.

But even if it weren't, there is just not much you could bet on! In total, this casino features the games of just 13 developers. Naturally, this makes for a pretty short library of games. As far as the bonuses of the house are concerned, there seem to be just three promotions it runs at the time of writing, none of which are described particularly well.

Overall, it seems pretty easy to write off RRR as a bad casino, and if you would like a more thorough explanation of why that is, we have prepared a full review of the house below. It will go over the disadvantages we mentioned so far and more, so read on if you are curious about them:


We mentioned there are just three bonuses with the house. Here is what they look like:

BonusMin depositMax bonusWagering requirementsCash out limit
Welcome Bonus300 INR100% up to 50000 INR25xUnspecified
2nd Time Deposit BonusUnspecified50% up to 50000 INRUnspecifiedUnspecified
Reload BonusesUnspecified50%UnspecifiedUnspecified

In general, one of the biggest reasons why people seek out new casinos in particular is their bonuses. Newer houses usually offer exciting and innovative promotions. Even though RRR is a couple of weeks old at the time of writing, though, it has completely failed to provide its players with anything interesting.

It has three bonuses in total, and two of them can be claimed only once. We expect much more, but the promotions themselves are pretty generic too, so they let us down even more. And to top it all off, since RRR does not seem to want to give its players any of its legal documentation, there is no Bonus policy page, and the conditions for the majority of the promotions are not mentioned.

Either way, let's still take a look at the three promotions:

  • The Welcome Bonus with RRR is the only one of them which lives up to the standards we have of how casino bonuses should be presented. It is clear what the player needs to do in order to obtain the bonus, what they get from it and how they can cash out. If that sounds like the barest of minimums, it is, but also, this is the only bonus which provides it. Nevertheless, it requires you to deposit 300 INR, about $3 at the time of writing, to get. This bonus can be claimed only the first time you cash in, and it gives you 100% of the deposited funds as bonus money, up to 50 000 INR, about $600 at the time of writing. In order to withdraw this money, you then need to clear its wagering requrirement of 25x. This simply means you need to wager the money that many times. Wagering requirements are a normal part of the bonuses of any casino, and this one is actually comparatively low – normally, we see them as high as 30x to 40x. There is no information about whether RRR imposes a cash-out limit on the bonus or not, but we expect that it doesn't.
  • After you have played through the previous bonus, you can deposit again to claim the 2nd Time Deposit Bonus. There is scarce info about how this promotion works, however. We only know that it grants 50% of the deposited funds to the player as bonus money and that the maximum you can claim is once again 50 000 INR. It is possible that its minimum deposit requirement and wagering requirements are the same as the previous bonus. However, both are pretty low, and we think its more likely than not that the casino has introduces a higher value for them. For instance, minimum deposit requirements are usually between $10 and $20 for similar bonuses, and the wagering requirement is set in the range of 30x to 40x as we mentioned.
  • Thirdly, there is the mysterious Reload Bonuses, which RRR does not seem to want to elaborate on at all! These promotions have almost no information about them available. The only thing we know for certain is that they offer you 50% of the funds you deposit. The bonus is advertised as being available on every deposit too, and that is possible. However, without a mention of its minimum deposit requirements and its maximum size, we cannot determine whether the promotion is actually worthwhile. Also, sometimes bonuses have a clause which makes it impossible to claim another promotion while the current one is active. If that is the case here as well, it is possible that the bonus is simply not available on every deposit, as the casino claims. Either way, we definitely would have liked to be able to learn more about it.


The regulation of an online casino is an incredibly important aspect of whether it is worthwhile to play there. However, RRR is a letdown in this regard. There is not a single mention of whether it holds any license, or who operates the casino and from where. This leads to the unfortunate conclusion that it is not a licensed betting house.

And yet, we would not go as far as to say that a license not being mentioned at all automatically means that RRR is fraudulent in some way. What it does mean is that there are certain protections you cannot expect from the casino. Nowadays, most houses we cover are licensed in Curacao, by one of the four regulatory bodies which oversee the egaming sector there. Malta, the UK and Gibraltar are also popular destinations for houses to obtain licenses. Even though the approach of each of the regulators there varies, there are certain things that these licenses can all certify to the players. Here is a list of what you can expect from regulated casinos in general:

  • There is a lot of information you are expected to share with the operator of any house nowadays. That is because of the KYC and AML policies these operators have to comply with. Said information includes personal details about you, where you live, what IDs you have and so on. Naturally, its safety is very important. That is why regulators require the use of some of the strongest encryption protocols by operators. These make it pretty unlikely that a casino will suffer a data breach and that your info will be leaked.
  • Secondly, if you are playing with a licensed casino, you can expect a wealth of helpful resources on problem gambling to be available. This is because nowadays, the regulatory bodies of the world expect that casinos take this issue seriously and even help combat it. The resources we mentioned are not everything this regulatory approach demands by a long shot. Casinos also need to provide players with self exclusion options – custom deposit limits and even time outs. Usually, you can even shut down your entire account if you feel the need to! This set of measures makes egaming safer and more fun for everyone.
  • Last but not least, the games themselves are subject to a lot of scrutiny by regulators. That is why the random number generators used in every game are reviewed by independent auditors, hand picked by each regulator. Said random number generators are just the mathematical algorithms which determine the outcomes of bets. What the audits certify is the integrity of the games, and that there is no interference with their outcomes by the casino operator.

As you can see, it makes a lot of sense to stick to licensed casinos instead of houses like RRR.

On another note, every casino has a list of languages it can be viewed in. As it turns out, this list is pretty brief for RRR:

Languages: English

It seems that the house targets Inidian players with its only currency being the Rupee, but there is no way to view its website in Hindi, which is somehow pretty unfriendly to them.

Here is a list of the countries where you won't be able to access the RRR website from too:

Restricted countries: United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands, U.S.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Depositing  with RRR can only be done with three types of payment methods, and in just one currency. As with pretty much everything about this casino, there is not enough information on its payment conditions too! The Terms and Conditions it made us agree to before signing up failed to specify anything about them which we would have actually like to know. Nevertheless, here is an outline of said payment methods:

Deposit methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Google PayUnspecifiedUnspecifiedInstantFree

Currencies: Indian Rupee (INR)

You can pay via GooglePay, localized Indian bank transfers or crypto. Out of these means of deposit, bank transfers are not going to be available for everyone.

We assume the minimum deposit is 300 INR, because of this amount being what the casino required for its Welcome bonus. It could be even lower, though, and we have no way of knowing for sure. As we mentioned, at the time of writing, this comes out to about six US Dollars, which is under what we usually see as the minimum deposit requirement of other houses. On average, they require between $10 and $20 for players to cash in.

There is no mention of RRR charging any fees, and most casinos will not require deposit fees from their players either. Most likely it does not – but there are third party charges for some transactions. You will be expected to cover these. Once more, that is not unusual for other casinos. Such charges will be especially notable when it comes to crypto transactions which have certain miner fees.

Let's take a look at withdrawals as well:

Withdrawal methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Google PayUnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecifiedFree

Once more, RRR has not provided us with much information on them at all. For instance, we have no way of knowing what the minimum withdrawal amount is. With most other houses, it is around $20, but it could be lower here on account of the sub-average minimum deposit requirement.

Secondly, we don't know how long it takes for the house to process withdrawal requests. Since that is something unique to any house, we cannot speculate, but we do hope that RRR is able to clear them within 72 hours or less.

Fees are not mentioned for withdrawals either, but them being charged is pretty rare in general. That is why we can assume RRR does not have them. Once more, though, you will be expected to cover the third party fees which payment providers have for their transactions.

We have no clue whether RRR requires players to wager their deposits a certain amount of times in order to cash out. With licensed houses, that is a common AML policy. Usually, you would be expected to turn over your deposits 1x to 3x. It is possible that might be the case here as well.

Another thing we should mention is that there could be a fee for inactive accounts. Such fees are around $5-$10 at most, and are charged after a year of inactivity. This is the case with most other casinos. The fee might not be present here, or it could be higher or lower, but once again, the Terms and Conditions of RRR contain no information on it.

Games and Game Suppliers

There are just 13 Game Suppliers listed on the website of RRR, as we mentioned at the start of our review. In general, we see houses list about 50 at least. Sometimes, there are up to 100 developers too! Either way, here are the ones which work with this casino:

Game providers: Evolution, Ezugi, NetEnt, Endorphina, Habanero, BGaming, Betsolutions, Smartsoft Gaming, TPG, TrueLab, Fazi, KA Gaming, OneTouch

And here are the games you can play:

Slots: Almost none of the recognizable games in this category are present here. Titles like Big Bass Bonanza, Book of Dead, Wolf's Gold and so on are nowhere to be found. Instead, the Slots section contains games like Book of Myth, Lady Forest and other such dated looking slots.

Table Games: There is a good variety of table games, and there are both virtual and live dealer versions of Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, Roulettes and other classics to play. However, we saw no Game shows available at all.

Fishing Games: Fans of fishing will be able to kick back and enjoy a series of titles like KA Fish hunter, Fishing God and Animal Fishing.

Shooting Games: Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Space Cat and 1942 are available in this arcade section of the casino.

Crash Games: we are happy to report that RRR has a couple of Crash games too. There are four in total – JetX, JetX 3, CricketX and Cappadocia.


Overall, there is just nothing of value this casino can offer to its players. From its lackluster bonuses, to it being unlicensed and having a relatively tiny amount of games to play, we would recommend picking another place to bet!

RRR Pros and Cons

No significant advantagesNo license to speak of
Lackluster bonuses
Vague and useless Terms and Conditions
Unclear payment policies
Shallow games library

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