Reports Calculate Massive Crypto Adoption Trends

Reports Calculate Massive Crypto Adoption Trends


Cryptocurrency usage has exploded. Consumers and merchants are evolving to adapt their practices to suit these demands, but to also partake in the industry as investors. A recent massive report by popular statistics source has some interesting findings. Out of a total 30 000 consumers and 3 000 merchants from around the world, the website has revealed some very interesting trends.

The findings reveal that some 40 percent of 18 to 35 year olds are currently planning to use crypto assets as a payment method for both services and goods. The trend has increased by 10% since 2021. By 2024, the research states, 23% of all online businesses will be adopting crypto payment methods.

The report also had an interesting say in the satisfaction levels of merchants using crypto methods for payment transactions. 80% of all surveyed merchants disclosed that using cryptocurrencies is the easiest payment method by far.

Adoption of digital coins is expanding at an exponential rate; revealed this year that there are over 300 million crypto users spread throughout the world. By 2022 that number is expected to surpass 1 billion, a prediction that is both impress and debatable.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency adoption is passing over to other future tech area such as the Metaverse and NFTs, who would not be here without blockchain technologies.

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