Limitless Casino Review: 5 things to know before depositing

Limitless Casino Review: 5 things to know before depositing


The first impression that Limitless Casino makes might seem pretty good. It has some really generous bonuses that it boasts with. These come without any wagering requirements or restrictions. But there is more to an online casino than its promotions. And we found that the rest of the features of the company were actually pretty subpar. It does not have a decent range of payment methods it accepts, for instance. There is no license it holds and the amount of games it offers is very low. So, all things considered, can we recommend the casino? Do the good aspects of it overshadow its many drawbacks? We have examined them in full detail in the review below, in order to answer these questions!


The bonuses with Limitless Casino are outlined briefly below. Before we take a look at them, you should know that the company has a curious clause in its Terms and Conditions. According to it, bonuses can only be used for wagering. The winnings from them can be cashed out, but not the promotions themselves. If you withdraw, the bonuses will be lost, regardless of the number of deposits you have made, or any wagering requirement. With that in mind, here are said bonuses:

BonusMin depositMax BonusWagering requirementCash out limits
40% No Rules Bonus$20$1000NoneNot Limited
Daily No Rules Bonus$200$1000NoneNot Limited
505% Bonus$20$1000 and 500 Free Spins10x the deposit/30x for Free Spins10x the deposit
21% No Rules Bonus$20$500NoneNot Limited
311% Low Wager Bonus$20$300015x the deposit and bonus5x the deposit
303% High Bonus$20$300035x the deposit and bonus10x the deposit
120% High Cash out Bonus$20$200040x the deposit and bonus100x the deposit

The first among them, the 40% No Rules Bonus is applied on your first deposit with the casino. The minimum you need to cash in to get the promotion is just $20, and Limitless Casino will give you 40% of your deposit as a bonus. If you deposit via a credit card, you can get a bonus of up to 60%. There are no wagering requirements, nor cash out limits. This is a pretty attractive bonus – especially considering the low entry point and the very high ceiling of $1000!

Next, you can access the Daily No Rules Bonus, provided you deposit $200 or more. This is a pretty significant sum to demand – none of the rest of the promotions with Limitless Casino are that restrictive. The bonus is calculated as 10% of the deposit, up to $1000. So, in order to make use of the full $1000 bonus, you need to cash in $10 000. Considering the money cannot be cashed out, only winnings made with it, as per the clause we mentioned, this bonus is pretty restrictive for what its name implies!

The third bonus without wagering requirements and cash-out limits is the so-called 21% No Rules Bonus. This promotion is substantially the same as the one we outlined above, with two differences. First off, the minimum deposit is just $20 and the maximum bonus is $500, so both are lower. Next, the way the bonus is calculated is different, but only for crypto deposits. These receive 21% of the deposited funds as a cash bonus. Credit card deposits can get the aforementioned 10%.

There are also more standard bonuses that are offered by this casino. For instance, the 505% Bonus comes with a cash reward of up to $1000 and up to 500 Free Spins. You just need to make a deposit upwards of $20 to get them. Once again, the bonus is more beneficial to clients who deposit using cryptocurrencies. They get 505% of  their money as a bonus, while credit card users get only 250%. Either way, the bonus is pretty generous, but there are some restrictions on it.

This promotion has a wagering requirement. This means you need to achieve a certain turnover – for the bonus funds you have received, this is no less than 10x the deposited sum. And for the Free Spins you have got, the turnover is 30x. Usually, casinos have both of these turnovers within the range of 30x to 40x – so Limitless Casino is keeping on the low side. However, there is also a restriction on how much you can profit from the bonus. This is also a common policy with most houses – and the maximum of 10x the deposit this one has is pretty generous.

There are several more deposit bonuses to keep in mind. The first is the 311% Low Wager Bonus. Players who deposit via credit card will get 150% of their money as promotional funds, while ones who use crypto will get the full 311%. The maximum you can get is pretty high – up to $3000. There is another generous wagering requirement of 15x the deposit and the bonus, as well as a bit more restrictive maximum cash out allowance of just 5x the deposit. The 303% High Bonus works pretty much the same way. There is once again a different way that deposits are calculated, based on how they were made – crypto deposits get the full 303% bonus, while credit card ones get 151%. This bonus has a higher wagering requirement of 35x the deposit and received money – but that is still regarded as common among casinos. There is a 10x cash out limit, which is pretty good as well.

Lastly, there is a bonus called the 120% High Cash out Bonus. It is intended to be pretty rewarding for habitual players, because of the high cash out limit – sitting at 100x the deposited amount, this is the most generous cash out limit of these promotions. But there is also a higher wagering requirement – 40x, which is a bit on the high side with other casinos. Also, the bonus is once again calculated differently for credit card payments – they get 55% of their deposits as bonuses, and crypto transfers benefit from a 120% bonus.


There is no mention of regulation over this casino, which is pretty concerning. Firstly, there is no way to know who operates this house. Secondly, how can you know from where it is ran? These are two concerning questions when offshore casinos have been known to engage in some pretty shady behavior. For instance, they can be manipulating the random number generators that are used in their games, in order to tip the scales of fortune in their favor. They can also be committing various financial crimes like money laundering and financing terrorism.

To be safe, we can recommend playing with e-gaming companies which are strictly licensed. A license from Malta or the UK, or even from Curacao, are infinitely better than no regulation. Play with Limitless Casino only with the explicit knowledge of what dangers it exposes you to!

Deposit and Withdrawal

The deposit methods with this casino are very limited. Here is every one of them, as well as the specific details of each:

Payment methodMin DepositMin WithdrawalDeposit Processing timeWithdrawal Processing timeFees
Credit cards$10Not mentionedWithin 24 hoursWithin 24 hoursNo fees by the casino
BitcoinEquivalent to $10 in BTCNot mentionedWithin 24 hoursWithin 24 hoursNo fees by the casino
LitecoinEquivalent to $10 in lTCNot mentionedWithin 24 hoursWithin 24 hoursNo fees by the casino
EthereunEquivalent to $10 in ETHNot mentionedWithin 24 hoursWithin 24 hoursNo fees by the casino
Bitcoin CashEquivalent to $10 in BTHNot mentionedWithin 24 hoursWithin 24 hoursNo fees by the casino
DogeEquivalent to $10 in DOGENot mentionedWithin 24 hoursWithin 24 hoursNo fees by the casino

Now, at the time of writing, there was no way to actually deposit with a credit card. We only know that Limitless Casino accepts them from its Bonus Conditions and other legal documentation. Regardless, credit cards can be restricted in several jurisdictions, like the UK. This means the range of payment options the company accepts is only limited to crypto in such countries. This can be inconvenient to people who have not made crypto payments, as the assets are rather complex to deal with. That is why most casinos also accept e-vouchers, e-wallet payments and wire transfers.

Regardless, the minimum deposit is actually pretty low. It is $10, or its equivalent in crypto. Limitless Casino also mentions the following:

It will not credit any payment made to your account, if it is below the specified crypto values or $10. This is pretty annoying, because the casino will still take your money. Regardless, keep that in mind. The processing time for crypto payments is usually within 24 hours. This is also how long it takes to cash out.

We have no information on what the minimum withdrawal requirement is. It could be equal to the minimum deposit, or higher. In this case, it should not be over $20, and it would be shady of Limitless Casino has set it to a larger amount. There are no withdrawal fees, but you should keep in mind that you need to play with all of the funds you have deposited. You need to wager them at least once, or you will have to pay a 10% withdrawal fee. This is a common policy in the e-gaming industry.

Games and Game Suppliers

One of the weakest aspects of the casino is the lackluster games library it has. We take issue with it not mentioning its game suppliers either. This means clients cannot filter games so they can browse titles from their favorite game provider, for instance. As far as who these suppliers are, there are some names we recognize, like Real Time Gaming, Red Tiger Gaming and IGT.

There are four types of games available. There are Slots and Jackpot games – among them are titles like Plentiful Treasure, Fortunate Buddha, Cash Bandits 3, Halloween Treasures. Table games are also present, with various types of Blackjack, and poker. Some of these variations are Caribbean Stud Poker, Caribbean Hold’Em Poker, Tri Card Poker; It seems that the people behind  the casino love poker, because that is also the only kind of live game that is available with it!


To sum everything up, this casino has far too many issues for us to consider it competitive. From a limited games library, to a shady payments policy and no regulation, there is not much that Limitless Casino can even offer you in the first place. We recommend taking your business elsewhere and playing with a safer e-gaming company.

Limitless Casino Pros and Cons

Low minimum depositUnlicensed Casino
Not RTP Certified
Not a lot of deposit methods
Shallow games library
Weird withdrawal restrictions

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  1. I did 100 no deposit went all the way through my wagering and I confirmed with staff I had 7.34 left of playthrough wagering and I played on hit bonus again and 2100.00 disappeared, (leaving me with 99.28) from my account and despite all of the communication back and forth they say there’s “they can’t find account connected with that email” yet my balance is still sitting there of 99.28 but the $2100.00 gone

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