Fair Go Casino No Deposit Bonus: Get $25 Free

Fair Go Casino No Deposit Bonus: Get $25 Free


Fair Go Casino No Deposit Bonus Highlights

Bonus amount$25 No Deposit Bonus
Wagering requirements60x
Allowed gamesCai Hong
Max cash-out$180
Account verificationKYC
Deposit requiredNo deposit requirement

Bonus Amount

The no deposit bonus amount offered by Fair Go Casino is $25, which is basically free money if you think about it. Not that the client can withdrawal the money, but it is money that can generate a relatively substantial amount of profit if one follows the rules and strikes it big on the slot machine. This bonus will give you enough free cash for a player to familiarize one self with the ins and outs of Fair Go Casino, basically ending up in a win-win situation.

Wagering requirements

Perhaps the most crucial of all preconditions, to any bonus, not just this one, are the wafering requirements that, if not met, will basically wipe the whole bonus scheme and all generated profits. At Fair Go Casino, the $25 No Deposit Bonus profits are locked behind a 60 times turnover requirement that must be met. This means that the bonus must be traded over with at least 60 times for the client to get authorization from the broker to withdrawal any profit.

Allowed games

Cai Hong by Realtime Gaming is perhaps the simplest video slot game that we have played, and it's perhaps the perfect video slot for any type of no deposit bonus. If you think about it, it's goof to be concentrated when applying a bonus, for there is a certain layer of strategy notably in the choice of the bet, and the player will benefit from not being distracted by animations or sound effects.

Max cash-out

Fair Go Casino's no deposit bonus allows a very high maximum cash-out cap that is rarely high, at $180. With this, the user is told that the maximum amount one can profit from the $25 No Deposit Bonus is $180, if one completes all bonus terms and conditions. This is a very high profit cap, considering that on average it's around $50, and is basically withdrawable profit money that all players can receive.

Account verification

To activate the bonus one must, of course, open an account, but more crucially the user must get verified, and this is where the needed documentations come into a play. The essential documents needed to complete the registration, and activate the bonus later on, are all concerned with KYC procedures, and include ID copies, proof of address, and that sort of thing. Without these there is no way to pay out any of the winnings.

Deposit required

There is no deposit requirements, as is made obvious by the type of the bonus. Users can start of with $0 and still be able to activate the scheme.

However, there is another deposit requirement that we have to mention, not concerned with an amount, per se. The bonus is active for users the moment they get it until the moment of the expiration date, so that means that the $25 No Deposit Bonus can be active for weeks if not months.


It seems that players from Australia are eligible to activate this bonus scheme. If you are not from this jurisdiction then the bonus may not even be offered to you.

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