Digits7 Casino Review: 5 things to know before depositing

Digits7 Casino Review: 5 things to know before depositing


Digits7 is a very disappointing online casino. It does not have much to offer at all, besides some decent bonuses. And even then, the promotions that it offers come with a lack of any form of clarity about some of their most important aspects. Aside from them, the house does not have much to offer in terms of safety of funds, because it is not licensed. In fact, if you deposit with it, you will have to deal with restrictive rules regarding what methods of payment you can use. Not to mention the fact the casino charges withdrawal fees – that is not something you would encounter with 99% of its peers.

The games library of Digits7 features as much as two game suppliers. As you can imagine, that makes it incredibly shallow. So only only des the casino not have much to offer when it comes to its payment policies, but its games are not really anything compelling either! There is a lot more to cover with Digits7, so if you are interested in the casino, make sure you read the full review of it we have prepared below:


The promotions with Digits7 are listed below. However, before we delve into them, we should mention that there are some rather unusual aspects to them. First off, the Terms and Conditions of the casino does not mention the maximum bonus you can get from them. And since houses are not in the business of handing out free money, we suspect there is actually a limit to how much Digits7 would assign to your account. The fact it does not tell you that amount means it is probably not that high. Secondly, the percentages next to the bonuses represent the amount of money you would be getting from them. For instance, depositing $100 with the 250% bonus would mean getting $250 in bonus funds. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at each of these promotions and its conditions:

BonusMin depositMax BonusWagering requirementCash out limits
170% Match Bonus$20Max bonus not mentioned30x$50,000
190% Match Bonus$40Max bonus not mentioned8x$30,000
220% Match Bonus$30Max bonus not mentioned30x$50,000
250% Match Bonus$38Max bonus not mentioned30x$50,000
280% Match Bonus$50Max bonus not mentioned18x20x
25 Free Spins DailyAny deposit175 Free Spins20x$100

Broadly speaking, the casino offers two types of bonuses. There are Deposit bonuses, which are the first five promotions listed above, and a single Free Spins bonus. Let’s take a look in the former category:

The 170% Match Bonus is available to any player, at any time. It seems this is the main bonus you can get with the casino. It requires you to deposit at least $20 to claim, and comes with a pretty generous cash-out limit and wagering requirement. A wagering requirement represents the amount of times you are expected to wager a certain bonus before you are allowed to cash it out. Normally, these requirements would be between 30x and 40x the issues bonus. As you can see, in the case of this bonus, and in the case of the bonuses of Digits7 in general, the casino has pretty low turnover requirements, at least compared to the rest of the industry. Secondly, the $50 000 Cash-out limit represents how much you can profit in total from the bonus. And the amount you can get from this particular promotion is actually very generous.

The other deposit bonuses are all available throughout specific times of day. Now, there is a bit of an issue with that. There is no information as to which time zone the casino is. Therefore, the promotions might not be available when you think they are, because the house can be a couple of hours behind or ahead of your local time. So getting the promotions can be difficult.

With that in mind, the 190% Match bonus is available from 00:00 until 05:59 in the morning. This promotion is set in a very inconvenient timeslot, where not a lot of people really tend to play. To make up for that, it has a very low wagering requirement of 8x, and a generous cash-out limit of $30 000. The next bonus, called the 220% Match Bonus is offered by Digits7 between 06:00 and 10:59. It comes with a higher multiplier, as well as a way higher wagering requirement, than the other promotion. Thirdly, you would be able to make use of the 250% Match Bonus that is offered by the casino between 11:00 and 13:59, but only on weekdays. Its conditions are pretty much the same as the promotion above, and, as such, don’t deserve to be looked at on their own. The next bonus, called the 280% Match bonus can be received in the afternoon – between 16:00 and 17:59. It comes with a lower, 18x wagering requirement. It also has an unusual cash-out maximum of 20x the received bonus.

If you make any deposit, you will not only get one of the promotions mentioned above, but the automatic Free Spins bonus. Here is how it works: The seven days after the deposit, you will be able to claim 25 Free Spins, each day. These need to be used every day, or you would lose them. The cash-out limit is set to $100, but the casino does not mention whether this limit applies to each batch, or to the whole 175 Spins you can get. There is a 20x turnover as well.

In conclusion, even though it offers many bonuses, this casino is silent on a number of crucial details of its promotions. That’s not really a good thing, but, luckily, there are tons of other casinos that don’t have such issues.


There is not a single mention of regulation, or of being licensed, on the website of this casino. So it is pretty much another anonymous offshore entity. This means there are no protections that would apply to you, your money or your data if you play with Digits7. What do these protections entail?

Well, the specific sets of regulatory rules that each licensed casino follows differ, based on where the company is licensed. However, they all tackle the same issues that are present with offshore casinos. Here are the main areas in which regulation is meant to help the player of any casino:

  • First off, there are rules, designed to ensue that the games you play are fair. The random number generators in them need to be audited independently. That is the only way you can be sure that there is not going to be any bias in favor of the casino. And most regulatory bodies demand just that. The games with licensed houses are certifiably fair!
  • There are also several specific rules that licensed casinos need to comply when handling your money, which prevents financial crimes like money-laundering from being possible. Also, for extra safety, some regulators demand your funds be kept in separate accounts from the ones of other players.
  • Thirdly, your data is protected by the casinos being required to encrypt it in specific ways. They need to comply with the highest standards of cybersecurity, and that means data leaks are very much unlikely.

As you can see from these brief points, the strict rules that licensed casinos comply with mean you will have a much better time playing with them. And while we are not really suggesting that Digits7 actually engages in these shady behaviors, the risks you will take if you deposit with it are very much real and not warranted.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The payment methods you can use with Digits7 are listed below:

Payment methodMin DepositMin WithdrawalDeposit Processing timeWithdrawal Processing timeFees
Visa$20UnspecifiedWithin 24 hoursNot mentionedWithdrawal fee up to $40
MasterCard$20UnspecifiedWithin 24 hoursNot mentionedWithdrawal fee up to $40
NeoSurf$20UnspecifiedWithin 24 hoursNot mentionedWithdrawal fee up to $40
EzeeWallet$20UnspecifiedWithin 24 hoursNot mentionedWithdrawal fee up to $40
Bitcoin$20UnspecifiedWithin 24 hoursNot mentionedWithdrawal fee up to $40

While this is not really much in terms of the amount of payment methods, the casino has a decent amount of variety in terms of types. There are credit card payments, e-wallet transactions via NeoSurf and EzeeWallet, as well as crypto payments via BTC. Only e-vouchers are missing as a type of payment method. Yet, we would have lied to see more variety from the casino. Considering most of its peers accept way more in terms of payment methods, there is really no reason Digits7 cannot do so.

Also, while the minimum deposit is pretty low, sitting at $20, there is no information on how much you need to cash out at least. And since there are fees on withdrawals, that means you need to withdraw quite a bit more than $20. Here are what the fees are:

So you can be charged up to $40 by the casino. That is very much abnormal. There is no reason why any house would charge you nowadays, and the vast majority of them do not have any such fees.

Also, the processing times for the withdrawals or deposits are not mentioned either. And while we can speculate on the deposit times – they usually take up to a day, we would not wager how long withdrawals take. This is a specific set of internal procedures, different for every casino.

Games and Game Suppliers

The games of only two Suppliers – Red Tiger Gaming and SpinLogic, are available with the casino. And while these are certainly recognizable names in the industry, the average licensed casino partners with tens of suppliers. Of course, this means the total amount of games available is way lower too. In fact, there are barely any!

There are slots, with titles by Red Tiger Gaming like Tarot Destiny, Mermaid Royale, Doragon’s Gems, Vegas XL, Khrysos Gold, Desert Raider, Fortunate Buddha and others. But player favorites like Big Bass Bonanza and Wolf’s Gold are nowhere to be found! The situation is pretty dire when it comes to table games too. These are various tables of  Poker, Blackjack, Roulettes. But there is not a lot of variety, and there is no live gaming either! That is a huge disadvantage, and, in general, the lackluster set of games you can play is the final nail in the coffin of this disappointing casino.


To sum everything up, we did not uncover a single thing about this casino that is not done better by a more reliable company. So we simply cannot recommend playing with it. If you are interested in gambling, you can do so with other, licensed houses and have way more fun!

Digits7 Pros and Cons

Generous bonusesNot licensed
Vague Bonus Terms and Conditions
Low number of payment methods
Withdrawal fees
No live games

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