Crypto Loko Casino Review: 5 things to know before deposit

Crypto Loko Casino Review: 5 things to know before deposit


At first sight Crypto Loko may look like your average online casino, if not a little more extreme, but as more and more time was spent with it, the more we found out that Crypto Loko hides some worrying sides to it that can break the experience for many.


Crypto Loko’s bonuses are both intriguing, and very complex to grasp, making them elusive and complicated.

505% New Player Bonus +505 Free Spins. This deposit is a welcome spin on a classic practice, that of the new deposit bonus. What Crypto Loko does is to apply the first deposit bonus but to each week no matter how long a user is active with the casino. So, the user can activate the bonus each week, making his time with Crypto Loko even that much engaging. Moreover, those users who activate the bonus for the first time get 505 free spins. Bonus terms and conditions apply.

El Grande – 428% Slot Bonus. Another superb and unique bonus, this one allows the user to activate it each week, and twice at that. A 428% increases one’s investment exponentially, giving him a ton of playing capacity as well as increasing the profit possibilities. Just keep in mind that the bonus applies to slot games only. Bonus terms and conditions apply.

El Poko Loko – 264%Reload. This one is for everyone, and perhaps the best bonus in the casino. You will think so to once you realize that Crypto Loko allows anyone to activate this bonus on a daily basis as many times as he wants. With each deposit, the user can chose whether or not to get granted a 264 percent boost of his funds. Bonus terms and conditions apply.

Elocho – 505% Bonus. After 8 deposits the user is granted a 505% Bonus. This one is pretty self explanatory, and it encourages playing and being actives. Also, the bonus itself is impressive, adding a huge amount to the deposit, allowing the client to play even more, consequently increasing all chances of profit. Bonus terms and conditions apply.

Loko Lounge. Only after 3 deposits, the user qualify for the Crypto Loko VIP Lounge, where his spining and playing is measured, and in terms of his participation withing the casino is decide the level of VIP. Each level basically provides a bimonthly insurance percentage, loko points, and instant payouts. In Crypto Loko’s own words, “THE LONGER YOU PLAY, THE MORE LOKO YOUR BENEFITS GET”.

Overall, bonuses with Crypto Loko focus on active user participation and constant playing and investing. Bacially, the more you play the more bonuses you can unlock.

Crypto Loko is a bit cryptic about its individual bonus requirements, and the user must login and dig deep in the terms and conditions. Stuff like wagering requirements and withdrawal requirements are complicated to grasp. We have covered the basics.
We found that there is a 40x wagering requirement for all slot based deposits.
Also, crucially, users can only withdrawal an amount that exceed the sum of the deposit plus the deposit bonus: a $100 initial deposit plus a $100 bonus means that the withdrawal request must be higher than $200.
There is also a shady requirement stating that a user must have $5 or less in his account in order to activate free spins.

We urge readers to go through all bonus terms and conditions before tackling any scheme.


We come to perhaps the most controversial side of Crypto Loko, and that is the fact that the casino is officially unregulated, and technically unapproved by any authority.

Without a license the casino functions within its own framework, and no matter what it says, it can at any point put its own interest in front of those of users, since without a regulation there is no third party player to impede its actions.

Yes, Crypto Loko behaves as if though regulated, or at least as a front, but certain sides to it are downright shady, and beg the question as to the decision making progress that happened prior to launching the website.

Essentially, without a license, we are free to ask the question, whether or not Crypto Loko serves to enrich itself by circumventing regulations at its own leisure, or aims to provide a dispassionate online casino experience?


The main payment method with Crypto Loko is, surprise surprise, based mainly on crypto wallets. The main ones offered are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Presumably there are also credit cards, as they are mentioned in the terms and conditions.

All deposits are instant, and the minimum requirement is $20.

We find that there is a 5% withdrawal fee on each request, and it’s fixed. Withdrawals take up to 72 hours to process.

In the legal documents we read about that the casino can change the withdrawal amount on a weekly or monthly basis. In all honesty, the clause is quite vague so it may really be something completely else. But, anyway, it is quote shady:

To all readers: make sure no wagering requirements are left before issuing a withdrawal request because if you still have unmet wagering requirement the casino may void the request and take the money away as punishment, as some legal provisions stipulate.


We really likes the layout of Crypto Loko’s gaming section. It is simple to navigate, but colorful enough to keep us and users engaged. A definite highlight of the site.

As always, the main attraction is the video slots section, where users are most drawn to. Online slots offered by Crypto Loko are plentiful, with all sorts of interesting games, divided by themes, which is not something you see every day, and is a superb addition. Enjoy classics like Cash Bandit, Sweet 16 Blast, Fortunate Buddha, Lucky 8, and Ninja Star. There are also jackpot slots, for those wanting an extra kick to their playing.

Next are the table games, all of which are great for clients looking for a more classic casino experience but still feel comfortable and non-pressured. We have here online poker, blackjack, and roulette. The problem we had with Crypto Loko is that it offers very few options in terms of table games, counting only a couple of dozen or so.

Obviously table and classic games are not where Crypto Loko excels at. Judging by the bonuses and the lack of table games, Crypto Loko seems more reliant on video slots. This may be letdown for some, but that’s the direction Crypto Loko has taken.

But looking at the video slots, Crypto Loko has got users covered at least with the bare minimum, since the casino offers games form only two providers, which are Realtime Gaming and Visionary iGaming.


Crypto Loko is a hard casino to love, and not an easy one to like. Even the good sides of the casino are faulty. The great game selection page uncovers the limits of Crypto Loko’s games library. The crypto deposit and withdrawals, although forward-thinking, are still riskier than most payment methods. The bonuses are great and unusual, but their requirements are complex and way too complicated to follow. Not to mention that Crypto Loko is not licensed, and we did not find proof of future plans to apply for one. For now, Crypto Loko is not the best version of itself that it can be.

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