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Carte Blue, later known as Carte Bancaire is the most popular online payment method in France, with over 60 million circulating cards.

Carte Bancaire is essentially its own interbank networking payment system, similar to VISA or MasterCard, but not connected to them. The majority of credit cards have the Carte Bancaire logo due to the fact that they are issued by one of the banks in Groupement des Cartes Bancaires.

Carte Bancaire allows for easy e-commerce shopping in real-time, with instant authorization approval or decline. This puts Carte Bancaire as an essential tool for all merchants, if they wish to provide fast, stable, and reliable transactions of both goods and payments.

Once a consumer has chosen a product (or service) online, he or she will chose the Carte Bancaire payment option. After which, the user must enter his/her card details, alongside a unique PIN number. After all info is entered the transaction can be finalized.

However, Carte Bancaire is not exclusive to online purchases; it’s a credit/debit card foremost. Thus users can shop at their own convenience at any physical store, with a payment of up to €30 without the requirement of a PIN code.

Furthermore, the Carte Bancaire can be used outside of France, only if it is connected to Visa or MasterCard.

Carte Bancaire cards cost around €45 a year, with local withdrawals from ATMs being completely free. If one is to withdraw form an outside ATM conversion charges may apply.