Login, minimum deposit, withdrawal time? Login, minimum deposit, withdrawal time?

Warning! is an offshore company! Your deposit may be at risk.



Including business-related imagery with stylish fonts does is not a precondition, although it may easily fool certain users into thinking that is a serious investment choice. The truth is on the other end of the spectrum. The moment we entered the site of the firm was the very moment that we knew what to write as a conclusion, and it is not very difficult to reach the same verdict once you spend some time with

Let’s start with the licensing details, which are as untrue as ever.

First of all, we have two addresses, supposedly registration ones, one in Madrid and the other in Cyprus.

Both addresses suggest that the broker is licensed and authorized in both Spain and Cyprus. Furthermore, according to the terms and conditions, the broker functions under the laws of Cyprus and is claimed to be licensed by CySEC.

Let’s get things clear. is not licensed by CySEC – no proof of this exists-, and so if registered in the country is operating illegally.

Moreover, we find that Spain’s CNMV has issued an official warning against the broker which means is not registered or regulated on Spanish territory. is definitely not licensed anywhere!

Investing in unregulated brokers is the digital equivalent of throwing your money away for the wind to disperse it. It’s obvious that no one would do such a thing. Go with brokers that are regulated by trustworthy organizations like the FCA or CySEC. These entities work closely with the law, enforce it when called for, and have strict requirements for those under their gaze. Not to mention that those under their jurisdiction are members of compensation funds that cover victimized clients’ losses of up to £85 000 (FCA) and €20 000 (CySEC).

It was very easy for us to registred but in the end, we felt cheated. There was no trading software in the client portal, and we had not even received any trading credentials on our email (sometimes unlicensed brokers attach their platform download link in the confirmation mail). Moreover, the user area was disappointing in scale and quality. And we were soon kicked out of the user area; the broker was probably made aware of our unwanted and unprofitable presence.

But we remeber the most important elements, and that is that there is no no trading software here. This is extremely important to remember since no software equals no applicable trading conditions. There are no spreads, no leverages, and certainly no assets that can be put into practice.


There is no software here to be used, and therefore we ask our readers what the point of is at all?

Perhaps the broker is only loyal to those users that have already deposited, which wouldn’t be a surprise considering the track records of other fraudulent brokers. What we are trying to say is that there may be a trading software hidden somewhere, although we cannot be sure.


Be careful when investing here. In fact, don’t invest here; the broker is a risk!

The only payment method that we discovered in the user area was a bitcoin wallet. This is the riskiest of all payment methods since all payments with it are untraceable. It’s obvious why it is the scammer broker’s favorite payment method.

The minimum deposit is apparently €250 but with BTC wallets there usually are no min requirements. We made sure of this when we went to the payment area.

Other than that, the broker reveals no payment fees.


The CVV code is the one thing that separates a buyer from a product. Without it, one cannot complete a purchase, even if him/her has given all other necessary information. By giving this detail to someone else, you are essentially inviting them to use your funds for their own means. And be warned that unregulated brokers most certainly plan to do so.


Be sure to never give AnyDesk or TeamViewer access to your PC to unverified agents. These 2 platforms allow for your PC to be taken over by a second party, oftentimes for help or guidance, but in the case of these brokers for the sole purpose of looting your bank account(s) and personal information. However, in order to do so your consent is needed, and this is the only thing standing in the scammers’ way.


As you will see and have seen, there is no reason to invest in this broker.

Overall, the withdrawal information is very unreliable and contradictory, not to mention lackluster. For example, there are no mention of any withdrawal methods, or withdrawal processing times.

However, there are a lot of mentions of existing fees and commissions, but only a dormant fee is given value. All the rest are what you might call undisclosed fees. These may be applicable to withdrawals and even to account maintenance and website entry.


Beware, once more, when giving away an ID and a proof of address. Trustworthy brokers ask for these before traders can deposit to make a check up. Deceitful ones will ask for these details, using the anti-money laundering legislation as pretext, once you start asking too many questions and are getting suspicious of their activities. Understand that they will use these to build a stronger case against you in the event that you request a chargeback.

Yet again we urge readers to stay away from this broker as it will, without a doubt, never return your funds and profits. If you wish to to get smooth and efficient transactions, please visit a FCA/CySEC regulated broker, where all withdrawals are handled with care and respect.


The most sound advice we could give you is to immediately file for a chargeback with you credit card company.

If you have given away your credit card details including the CVV code to the “broker” you should cancel it ASAP and check with your bank to see the damage inflicted.

Also, beware of self proclaimed “recovery” agencies or agents. These cheeky scammers promise to fix your problem and restore the lost funds. They offer their services in exchange of a small sum from your end, after which you won’t ever hear from them again.

The last line of defense for these indecent folk is more like a desperate cry: often times they will comment on reviews and cite the whole ordeal as a conspiracy initiated by competitive brokers against them; at times even claiming that reviewers are anything but objective, and that no one writes good reviews. The absurdities are limitless!


As we said in the introduction, we might as well have written this section of the review as the opener. is unregulated and a scam! All deposits will be lost!

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