22AUD Casino Review: 5 things to know before depositing

22AUD Casino Review: 5 things to know before depositing


22AUD has to be the weirdest and most outdated casino we have reviewed, and as it turned out it was also one of the worst we have seen, if not the worst one. It seems right out of the dot com boom but from an East Asian company clinging to its last piggybank. It has that distinct feel but it uses Australian dollars both as a main currency of reference and in its title, a contradiction that just acts as the beginning of something far more convoluted and cheap.


BonusMin depositMax BonusWagering requirementCash out limits
1st Welcome Bonus$30n/a5x$588
2nd Welcome Bonus$50n/a5x$688
3rd Welcome Bonus$80n/a5x$888
4th Welcome Bonus$120n/a5x$888
5th Welcome Bonus$180n/a5x$988
6th Welcome Bonus$250n/a5x$1288
1st Free Pokie Bonusn/aAUD 88.88accumulate $688$20
2nd Free Pokie Bonusn/aAUD 33.33accumulate $688$20
3rd Free Pokie Bonusn/abetween $1 and $10accumulate $100$20
1st Daily Value Package$10AUS 1.113x$200
2nd Daily Value Package$205% bonus3x$588
3rd Daily Value Package$5010% bonus3x$888
4th Daily Value Package$10015%3x$1088
5th Daily Value Package$200AUD 38.883x$1688
6th Daily Value Package$300AUD 58.883x$1888
1st Daily VIP Cashback$150 per dayAUD 6.66reach $50$588.88
2nd Daily VIP Cashback$300 per dayAUD 16.663x$588.88
3rd Daily VIP Cashback$600 per dayAUD 36.663x$588.88
Referral Downline Program 1st Packno$3010x$30
Referral Downline Program 2nd PacknoAUD 50010xAUD 500
Referral Downline Program 3rd PacknoAUD 10reach $100$20
1st Cashback Bonus$500 in a weekAUD 48.885xAUD 48.88
2nd Cashback Bonus$1000 in a weekAUD 58.885xAUD 58.88
3rd Cashback Bonus$1500AUD 68.885xAUD 68.88
4th Cashback Bonus$2000AUD 78.885xAUD 78.88
5th Cashback Bonus$2500AUD 88.885xAUD 88.88
6th Cashback Bonus$3000AUD 98.885xAUD 98.88

22AUD’s bonus system is confusing as there is no real telling which one of these are active, and which aren’t, while may of them offer too low a bonus to be profitable in any way or useful as a bonus. Moreover, in the state that 22AUD is in, we don’t see a reason to try any of these bonuses out. Also, presentation wise the bonuses are promoted in an appalling fashion.

The first main offer is a collection of 6 Welcome Packages, although we only assume they are called like that. They were on the top of the list, and called Exclusive Bonuses, so they may be timed extras or some other thing. Each one of these has a 5 turnover requirement and cannot be applied on live games and only on slot machines. The wagering is very low, but the ambiguity of the bonuses is still a major issue that cannot be easily toppled with a low wagering offer. Moreover, the actual bonus amount is confusing as you can see bellow:

Is the bonus 100% up to AUD 33.33 – quite impossible since the minimum deposit is $30 -, or is it only 33.33 AUD or just 100%. Because we have no idea, we will only quote the bonuses, but such a convoluted mess is definitely not a good sign.

  • 100% or AUD 33.33: Invest at least $30 to activate, and profit as much as $588.
  • 100% or AUD 55.55: Invest at least $50 to activate, and profit as much as $688.
  • 100% or AUD 88.88: Invest at least $80 to activate, and profit as much as $888.
  • 100% or AUD 122.22: Invest at least $120 to activate, and profit as much as 888.
  • 100% or AUD 188.88: Invest at least $180 to activate, and profit as much as $988.
  • 100% or AUD 255.55: Invest at least $250 to activate, and profit as much as $1288.

Next are the Free Pokie Bonuses or so they are called. Quite unfaithful to their names, none of these 3 bonuses have anything to do with free spins, but are a confusing mess of bonus conditions and amounts, and instead of trying to figure them out, we will try to lay them out as concisely as possible.
All we know is that the bonus can be claimed only once, the wallet of a client must have less than $0.5, and only slot games apply

A Free Bonus of AUD 88.88, where the user has to accumulate $688 to be able to withdrawal a measly $20. Here’s proof:

The next one is of AUD 33.33, and gain the user has to accumulate $688 to be able to withdrawal $20.

The final one in the trio is a random bonus between $1 and $10, where the client’s accumulated profits have to reach at least $100 to be able to take out, again, only $20. So, these extra $80 dollars are 22AUD’s version of a wagering requirement.

Next are the Daily Value Packages, but these are also as convoluted as ever with absolutely no logic behind them. For one, take a look at the first package:

You’re telling us that the bonus is only AUS 1.11, or less than one US dollar, in exchange for $10? Who would be able to play with such a low bonus, let alone profit $200?! Not to mention that there is a 3x wagering for all of the Daily Value packages.

  • The next package grants the user a 5% bonus with no max bonus mentioned. The minimum deposit is $20, and the max withdrawal is $588.
  • The third package requires $50 to unlock bonus of 10%, with a max profit cap of $888.
  • The fourth sub packed is of 15%, activated after investing $100. The profit margin in $1088.
  • The fifth “free bonus” is AUD 38.88 for a $200 deposit, where the client can get $1688 as profit. Do you see the logic here: invest an amount higher than the bonus, and offer a max cash-out that is virtually unattainable.
  • The sixth and final in the collection is again a “free bonus” of AUD 58.88, where the requiremnt is $300, and the max profit is $1888. The same chaos as above:

Here we have the next section of the bonuses, the Daily VIP Packages, although again the deposit bonus is more than ten times lower that the minimum deposit. The one thing these packages have in common, it seems, is the maximum profit per case of $588.88. Also, a client’s wallet must contain no more than $0.5 to activate.

Note that the AUD 6.66 bonus requires $150 deposits PER DAY. It’s not as impossible to reach $50 as profit in the wallet to withdrawal the maximum profit of $588.88, but is still feels more than difficult. At least the

  • The next requires a $300 deposit per day for a AUD 16.66 bonus. There is an actual wagering requirement here of 3x the bonus. The user must reach $49.98 it his wallet to be able to withdrawal the maximum profit.
  • The next one is of AUD 36.66, requiring $600 in daily deposits, and a 3x wagering requirement. Accumulate at least $109.98 to be able to profit. It’s all so ridiculous that it doesn’t need explaining.

Enter the so-called Referral Downline Program, a set of 3 bonuses, in which a referral is called a “downline” for some reason. Again, we were met with laughably bad conditions and confusing information. Only limited to slot games, and for users who have less than $0.5 in their account.

The first package, the one above, claims that a $10 deposit from a referral grants the referee $8. The maximum withdrawal amount is $30, and there is a 10x turnover requirement.

The second package grant the user money the more times he shares. There is a 10x turnover prerequisite for all the money. 1 share grants the user AUD 5, 10 shares grant the user AUD 50, while 100 shares give the client AUD 500. This is perhaps the most logical of all bonuses, which is saying something, since it is, nevertheless, ridiculous.

The final in the trilogy is an AUD 10 bonus that seems to be free, but the client has to reach $100 in his account tto be able to profit from the max cap of $20.

Finally, in the range of convoluted and humorous bonuses, we finish with 6 cashback bonuses, again confusing as ever and absolutely worthless as bonuses. The cashback part is not really based on net losses, it seems, but on the total amount of deposits made by the user the week before. This scheme actually forces the user to deposit more in order to profit from this cashback program, making it quite unfavorable. And again, only players with less than $0.50 in their account can use the bonus. There is also a 5x wagering requirement which pretty much ruins all of the bonus, when added to the additional requirements.

The first one grants you AUD 48.88, if the user has invest at least $500 within a week. This is what these bonuses look like:

  • The second “cashback” bonus is AUD 58.88, and the user is required to have invested at least $1000 in the previous week.
  • The third in the row is of AUD 68.88, activated only after making $1500 in deposits over the last week.
  • The fourth bonus is AUD 78.88,  but with the $2000 weekly deposits requirement it renders the whole thing pretty much useless. By now you can see that these are more like extremally unrealistic deposit bonuses than anything else.
  • The fifth bonus is where things get hilarious. For a total of $2500 in weekly deposits get a pathetic “cashback” of AUD 88.88.
  • The sixth requires the user to have made at least $3000 in deposits the week before to be able to acquire AUD 98.88.

It’s clear that the bonuses at 22AUD are created to generate extraordinary profits solely for the casino. The player will not be able to get anything out of these bonuses, as profits are virtually unattainable. For one, the high minimum deposits limit the user, while the $0.5-in-wallet requirement limits the user to play with very little money, basically guaranteeing a loss every time.
There are 27 bonuses in total, and not one made any semblance of sense. There are no bonus terms and conditions documents, of which we are actually thankful, because who knows what confusing clauses the casino could have included.


22AUD’s downfall is evident form the start, but better expressed in its complete lack of legal details. The entire website seems to be built with the absence of this information in mind, as if the casino made the choice not to include it before even starting to build the website.

Anyway, without legal details, and a clear lack of legal documents, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that 22AUD is unlicensed and absolutely anonymous. Usually, unlicensed casinos are not really considered scams, even if they pose a  higher risk than normal casinos due to their lapses in certain legal circumstances. But in the case of 22AUD we can assert with confidence that this casino is a direct risk to your funds. Just look at how the bonuses are created; everything is aimed at taking as much money from the client as possible, with very little hope of profit.

To make matters worse, the website does not build any level of confidence at all, and in fact it was the first big sign that 22AUD would not be a good investment choice. What we learn in the following sections does not help the case of the casino at all, and in fact only makes matters worse for this appalling casino.


There is nothing to say of payments because there is nothing revealed by the casino. The lack of legal documents and  the missing payment page are two fact that result in the complete omission of payment details. If the user want’s to try out the casino, for god knows what reason, then he will basically be at the mercy of it, since without any concrete payment grounds, 22AUD has the power to come up with payment rules at its own leisure to suit its own monetary needs.


We couldn’t get any of the game titles because all we had were blanks:

Only the general gaming categories are available: less than 150 Slot games, 6 Arcade games, 4 Table games, 1 Mini game. And that’s all there is to it; does it seem to you that 22AUD is a casino that wants to compete ot r cares to live on for a long time? The name of the game here is quick profit.

Surprisingly, we were able to get the providers out, which include Asia Gaming, Red Tiger, JDB, Fa Chai, Dragoon Soft, CO9 Gaming, Spadegaming, Ace333, Funky Games, Dream Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and others, but their overall number is low, and many of these do not strike us as top level pros with exciting games.

Another sign of the profit-focused nature of the casino is the heavy reliance on the jackpot game, advertised each time you open an new page or refresh the current one:

We all know that jackpots are very hard to hit, and by the time one hits it, the probability of having spend more than you ever intended to is high. So, by this logic, hitting the jackpot will not really cost 22AUD much.


An overall messy and lousy casino, there is obsoletely nothing good about 22AUD. The complete lack of games variety, the missing payment conditions, the lack of a license, and the incredulously bad bonuses result in the wreckage called 22AUD.

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